A year well wasted.

I never regretted you.

Not one single moment of the time I devoted to messaging, calling, texting, writing or preparing those heartfelt packages. I would do it for anyone. I do it for a lot of people, actually. You aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last.


Don’t pity yourself.

I never needed you to love me. I simply asked for honesty. I just wanted you to be there for me when I needed someone to talk with, to vent to, to share with. But, you weren’t that person for me. You never were.

I love and care for you. You know that.

No, I didn’t know that. It was a lie, and I still don’t believe it.

You’ve been lying to me since I met you, and I’ve been falling for it for just as long. I can’t keep doing this. I told you that weeks ago. I’ve been trying to cut you off since November 14th, when I stopped talking to you for a month, and you hadn’t even noticed. But it was me. I hated you, remember? I was mad because you didn’t want a relationship like I did, right? Because of your deployment, wasn’t it?


You’re an idiot. Those weren’t any of the reasons.

I stopped talking to you, so you would stop hurting me.

You think I have emotional problems?

Honey, maybe I do.

But I’m a girl, and I can admit it.

I can admit everything, which is more than I can say for you.

I’m beginning to regret ever loving you.
And if I’m guilty of anything, it would be loving you too much.

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