A letter to the next.

When he tells you he loves you, don’t take it for more than what it’s worth.
When he tells you that he wants you closer, he only means he wants something tangible…or sex.
When he tells you that your letters brighten his day, it means you’re the only one who has bothered to give a crap about him in the last year, and he’s probably going to take advantage of it.
When he tells you he’s busy, it probably means that he has time to call, he just chooses not to…he’ll admit to that later.
When he tells you you don’t understand what his life is like, he’s right…because if you did, you wouldn’t have stuck around.
When he tells you the REAL number of girls he’s been with, you’re going to be as shocked as I was.
When he tells you how many kids he wants, their names, and where he wants to be when he’s out….he doesn’t mean with you, even if he says he does.
When he tells you he’ll call, don’t hold your breath…
When he tells you that he can’t wait for you to meet his family, he really doesn’t care if you do or not.
When he tells you that you make him happy, he really just means that he likes having someone around to jump when he says jump and suck when he says suck.
When he tells you you’re sexy, don’t take it personally, he uses that on every girl.
When he tells you that you’ve opened his eyes and made him realize things, don’t be surprised when he leaves.
When he tells you he doesn’t even think about his ex anymore, know that he still talks to her on the side…he always has had a thing for back-up plans.
When he tells you he wants to fly you out to see him, he won’t even make the effort when you go halfway yourself.
When he tells you things, don’t believe them, in the end they’re all lies…and you will find them out.
When he tells you his feelings have changed, he means months ago, he was just too selfish to tell you sooner.
When he tells you he’s sorry….HA, he never will…because admitting he did something that could have hurt you will make him “feel like shit” and then he wouldn’t be able to do it again. That just gives him a reason to leave.

And to you,

When you fall for him, catch yourself…don’t count on him to do it, he never will.
When you find yourself doing everything you can to try to talk to him, don’t…he isn’t going to put in the same effort.
When you look back on the last months, you’ll wonder what you ever saw in a boy like him.
When you cry at night, you’ll wish he was there, but he won’t be…not because he can’t be, but because he chooses not to be.
When you stop calling him, he’ll stop calling you.
When you stop texting him, he’ll stop texting you.
When you realize that you’re nothing more than another number to him, don’t fret, find a boy who sees your worth.
When you find yourself forgiving him, time and time again…realize that it’s time to put your foot down and then close the door behind you.
When you need him most, he won’t be there.
When you tell him you understand, you’re still going to have the blame put on you in the end.
When you let him go, you aren’t going to be okay right away…but you will be, someday.

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