You have to lose a few to gain a few.

When you let someone leave your life without even saying goodbye, it breaks you. I could have told you that when I was five years old. It should be common knowledge, right?

I guess to some it isn’t.
I guess he can’t see what this has done to me.
I guess he can’t see how sad this has made me.

Not because I was some love-stricken girl, but because we were friends. “Best friends”. It’s because it’s different now, because he use to always be there to talk to. It’s different when you can’t just pick up the phone to call someone to see how they are, to ask how things are going, to hear about their crazy weekends in Vegas. It’s just hard, and it’s different.

I’m so glad he’s happy, I truly am.

…even if I’m not yet.


Time heals almost everything. And time needs time.

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