February’s Happiness

Here’s the entire list of my February thoughts. It proved to be quite the challenge; Megan had to remind me one day, another day I was ten minutes away from missing the day’s thought all together, and a lot of them took me all day to come up with just the right way to word how I was feeling about it.


A lot of them are for someone, and lot of them are for no one.

But either way, I hope they mean something to you.



February 1st: it’s easier to leave than to be left behind.

February 2nd: take responsibility for your actions; no one wants to hear excuses, they want to hear solutions.

February 3rd: take risks. win if you can, live with it if you can’t.

February 4th: why wait until death to celebrate one’s life; every day is a new opportunity to rejoice with one another. {miss you, alex. continue to r.i.p. ♥}

February 5th: sometimes, in order to come up with a positive solution, you have to remove the negative integer from the equation completely.

February 6th: start everyday with a kiss and a cup of coffee.

February 7th: never settle for who you are. when you start being content, you stop striving to be more.

February 8th: removing people from your life doesn’t make you immature, it simply means you’re growing up, and you’re leaving behind those who aren’t.

February 9th: anyone who isn’t happy with their life, just isn’t living it right.

February 10th: being intangible is something complex; it’s appealing, yet devastating. easy going, although demanding. and it can hurt like hell, but my God, is it beautiful.

February 11th: you can pretend you’re invincible. you can say you don’t need help, that you’re fine on your own. you can act as if the world is yours, and yours alone. but sometimes, you can’t get by without help. sometimes, you just need a reminder. sometimes, you just need a friend.

February 12th: people affect your life every day, but they only have an effect on you if you allow them to. it’s a choice. you decide who builds you up and who you tears you down.

February 13th: sometimes, you have to run away from everything to find out exactly where you belong.

February 14th: never miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them {happy valentine’s day <3}

February 15th: you decide the way you think. you decide the way you respond. you decide the way you live. change your thinking, change your life, change your world.

February 16th: knowing you can do anything you set your mind to is the single most intimidating and exhilarating thing. it’s the weight of knowing you can always be doing more, and the power of knowing you’re capable of everything.

February 17th: live your life for you. you aren’t here to live up to anyone else’s expectations.

February 18th: forgive everyone. the people who hurt you the worst are probably unaware that they have even caused so much damage. and the ones who cut with intent will never, ever care. so forgive, and live easy. laugh away the misunderstandings, and forgive yourself for the mistakes, as well.

February 19th: it doesn’t matter how long a person has been in your life. all that matters, is that you’ve made your mark in theirs. sometimes, you only have seconds to leave an impact on a person. make every moment count.

February 20th: at the end of each day, make sure you have said all that you need to say to the people in your life. don’t have regrets if tomorrow never comes.

February 21st: sometimes, you have to do things wrong the first time so that you can do it twice as well the second.

February 22nd: every once in awhile, you have to be completely broken in order to be put back together into a more beautiful masterpiece.

February 23rd: you can’t be happy with someone else, until you’re happy with yourself. and if you aren’t happy with yourself, you’re doing something wrong. change it.

February 24th: some people just have bigger hearts. they’re kind, loving and always willing to go the extra mile to help out anyone, even a stranger. unfortunately, the problem with having a heart with such capacity, is that it increases your threshold to feel the pain.

February 25th: always bring along a change of clothes, and make sure they are opposite of the ones you have on. sometimes, life gives you opportunities you wouldn’t want to miss because you were wearing heels when you needed a pair of tennis shoes.

February 26th: don’t lose touch with the people who mean the most to you.

February 27th: watch the lightening, feel the rain. life is too short to play it safe.

February 28th: wait until the last minute, and then make every second count.





She did what she had to do in order to find happiness.

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