This is gonna be a good life.

Today’s agenda:

Breakfast and Coffee- check.
Email my sponsors about Alpha Chi and set up an appointment- check.
Email MADD for more information about volunteering- check.


It’s not even 10am and I am on a roll. This is how I hope every day of the school year goes. I also hope to find a job. I reaaaaaally need a job soon. Bad. But Lauren is picking me up an application today, I’m going to update my LinkedIn profile, I blocked my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and I have my fingers crossed.

Things are really looking up, I’m making them.


I’m happy.


I’m moving at the very beginning of August. School starts on the 22nd. I’m going to find a church to go to up in Saint Peters. I’m going to find truth and love. I’m going to find the me I use to be. I’m going to the add it to the me I am. It’s going to be pretty amazing.

I’m also going to start taking pictures again. Just for fun, just to destress. And maybe for the Legacy. I’m going to start writing for them, too. I’m pretty much entirely too excited for this next year.


Nothing is going to hold me back.


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