This here is sweater, scarf and apple pie makin’ weather.

The air is crisp.
I want to be snuggled in and drinking cocoa all day long.
I wish I could have you next to me on the couch, watching terrible movies and laughing at stupid things.

I’m ready for reclusing in my adorable apartment, pending the hours I’m not at school, work or dong homework writing my famous “Sharpie Love Letters” to my best friend and baking enough sweets to make me gain ten pounds. Days like today, I could do that. Or I could go home, change into sweatpants, climb into bed and cry myself into a lulled sleep. But I refuse to let myself get depressed this winter. I refuse to relapse into that state of mind, where all I do is spend time alone accomplishing nothing. The last year has shown me that I am more than that accident and I will not let myself go back to that.

I will take Vitamin D pills, melatonin tablets  and tan until my skin burns
Whatever it takes.

And I’ll keep praying.
This next year is going to be the biggest struggle of my life.
But I will get through it.
We will get through it.

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