We Live in Public; an analysis.

WOW. There is not much more to be said about the video we just completed watching in class. The video caught me by complete and utter surprise. I had no idea that the internet revolution started in such a way. Obviously I have learned the basic ideas about the internet and the reasons behind how and why it was created, but in my past few years of studying Communications, I have never even heard of Josh Harris and his impact on the World Wide Web.
At the beginning of the film, I was not sure I was going to like Josh Harris based on the home video he had created for his mother that was first shown. Then, I really saw his brilliance. He is an incredibly intelligent man. By taking less than a thousand dollars and a risk, he soon became a self-made millionaire, one of the first in the internet realm. Not only did Josh foreshadow that his idea would take off in a huge way, but he also experimented to make his company even better. He spent the extra money that was being made to research and experiment with new ideas. He began chat rooms, figured out how to mix mediums and was able to stream videos live before live video streaming was even a thought in the mind of internet creators.
Josh believed that interactive TV was “of the future”, and he was right. He was “smart, crazy, and odd enough to say it in ‘99” as someone in the video put it. He began putting radio and TV on the internet before people were even there. He threw extravagant, insane parties to find ACTUAL talent and found individuals who truly believed in the “Dot Com” business to work for the Pseudo company.
I was incredibly impressed by Josh Harris. However, I was also extremely disturbed by the imagery in the video. I, even as a Communication major, do not spend a lot of time in front of a television or looking up videos online. I like to have face-to-face conversations with individuals, and as we saw in the video, life “online” can cause a tension in “real-life”. Also, things online can become all-too-real. For example, life in the pods was “all live, all the time”. There was no privacy and it soon created an extreme distress for many of the individuals psychologically.
My minor is in psychology, so I also find that spectrum of his study completely interesting. I enjoy seeing why individuals do what they do and how they react to circumstances around them. I personally found it intriguing and crazy that individuals would subject themselves to that invasion of privacy. However, I was in my early childhood in the 90’s and was raised in a very Christ-based home where sex and secular media weren’t viewed. It is an aspect I’m opening myself up to understand better and I find Josh Harris as a wonderful example as a tool for learning.
We have all heard that you should never assume. Why? “Because it makes an ASS out of U and ME”. However, Josh encourages viewers to take assumptions and race after them because you’ll reach the destination before everyone else. Josh Harris has been called one of the most unique characters of his time, and I would have to completely agree.

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