In less than two days…

…I’ll be heading off to the East Coast to spend my wonderful week long break. I am excited and nervous. Being alone is always a great time for me to recollect my thoughts and emotions, but it’s a big place to be tromping around on my own in.


I could have gone to the beach. Hanging around Key West with Laura would have been nice and relaxing, but dealing with drunk college kids wouldn’t have been. I could have stayed home and relaxed, spent time with the family, made extra money and got caught up on homework and ahead on final projects. But I didn’t choose either of those options. I chose to cram four cities into nine days, seeing museums and sites and friends. And honestly, I’m really happy with my decision.

The anticipation for Thursday morning is driving me crazy. I still have to pack (most of my outfits are set aside though, not to worry), I need to pick up a few things from the store, take a test, get my nails done…so, I’m busy and antsy. AHHH! I’m not sure if that’s a very good combination or not.

After my trip, I’m focusing on my research paper to help bring my psychology grade up. I’m also going to look at internships and graduate school again. I definitely think that I need to pick up a Master’s before I am confident enough to find a job that I feel equip and adequate for. Do you ever do that? Feel like you aren’t good enough, or aren’t smart enough, despite all the years of learning and experience you have? I hope I’m not the only one.

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