Long time, no see.

I need to blog more. I’ve been so vacant from it, and a lot of that has to do with school and the fact that Facebook overwhelms my internet time. But not anymore, not for awhile. I’m on summer break and have decided that Facebook and I need some time apart. I like not having it. I honestly don’t care what people are thinking, feeling or doing 24/7. I still have my Twitter, and I probably won’t give that up. That’s mainly because I like the people I don’t know better than the people I do know, sadly.

I’ve been struggling a lot lately. Just super bummed out and depressed. My foot has been in a boot for about three and a half weeks now, I can’t get in a good workout and I feel like the fattest tub of lard. Nothing disgusts me more. I’m trying to accept that it’s just a period in my life, but when you have to try to get dressed and feel good about yourself everyday, it isn’t easy.

On top of feeling like shit about myself, I’ve recently lost a person who for the last two and a half years has meant more to me than anyone. It was my decision, and as much as I know that it was the right one, it doesn’t make it any easier. Being ignored and lied to isn’t worth it anymore.

I leave for vacation in nine days. I am beyond happy. However, figuring out what I need to do and pack beforehand could get stressful. Plus, I have to work a bunch in the next week (stupid me picked up someone’s shifts, haha) and my foot has been hurting (actually, my entire body is aching since I’m walking funning and uneven).

I know I’ll get through this “down-time” in my life, but right now, complaining about it puts it all in to perspective and helps me get it together.

Breathe in and breath out.

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