The seasons are merciless.

Today was, okay. I didn’t get my butt up out of bed in time for a morning workout, but I got ready and didn’t have to rush, which is always nice.  I even had time to do my devotions. At my internship, I played around on a new networking site, Klout, edited some webpages using WordPress and read a few blogs.

It was a pretty easy day, but I’m still so sleepy from our trip to Kentucky that I wasn’t much for functioning. I took a short nap after work, ran to the bank, picked up some groceries from Aldi’s (love that store!) and then met the girls at El Maguey for margaritas before finishing off my day with a run and a shower.

I’m beginning to feel so free.

I’m finally learning to do what I love and enjoy where I’m at in life, without always biting at the bit for the next adventure. All day, I argued with myself about whether or not I was going to go have margaritas. My diet really didn’t need them after everything I ate this weekend, and I surely don’t have the extra money to go out, but I wanted to see the girls (and knew, as a social drinker, that I couldn’t not have food and a drink).

I had a really great time though, we laughed and made plans for the fall, and I don’t regret that jumbo margarita (because who ever just goes for the regular size?).  I even made myself run after we went out. Sure, it wasn’t my most intense workout ever, but it wasn’t my worst. My running and breathing is getting better, even easier. I know that I can’t “fix” the last four days of bad eating in one workout, so why try to kill myself thinking that I can?

I’ve come to realize that it’s all about your mindset. And I’ve come to realize, that my mind is finally starting to find its way back to me.

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