Fall upon me quickly.

I may have to wait until closer to the end of the month to officially call this season Autumn, but today proves that fall is almost upon us. It’s quite and crisp and clear, and just overall wonderful. The birds are chirping and the wind is flowing through the leaves on the trees, plus the sun is shining. It’s perfect.

I just finished an online quiz, and for having the book in front of me, I did awful. The wording of questions really throws me off. I have never, ever been a good test taker. I can study for hours – reading the chapter, take notes, make flash cards for the vocabulary – and still get a C or D on them. I understand standardized testing to measure if the student is learning, but what if I’m not learning in that way? I would, and could, gladly write you an essay showing my understanding of standard deviation and coefficients of correlation. It would be much simpler and less frustrating, I promise. But alas, I cannot. So, I will fail these quizzes and thank God for assignments and reviews that keep my grade decent. I cannot explain the level of upset this causes.

Oh well.

I’m really looking forward to yoga class this morning. I think after that, I’ll clean my apartment, shower and do some more homework before heading down to the St. Louis Art Fair. I plan on spending a few hours down there, grabbing some groceries at Trader Joe’s and then watching movies with a friend. It should be a pretty good day. I’ve been needing one of those.

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