Vote Your Hearts Out

I’m an American.

Being an American citizen, I have been given the privilege to live in a country that gives me a right to vote. That is why I stood in line today, despite the rain and cold weather, the crowd and the overwhelming amount of info on the ballot. Because I have been blessed enough to be born into a country that gives me the freedom to voice my opinion. I have a say in my government, no matter how minuet my voice may seem.

With that being said, I am probably the worst person to ever vote. I avoid the political garbage like a deer in headlights, I don’t watch the debates and I don’t educate myself until the last minute.


And I really feel like that is the most important part. That, and knowing what my beliefs are. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what you stand for.

A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. – Malcolm X


That’s exactly what it was today – MINE. Not my parent’s, not my roommate’s, not what my friend’s were voting for, nothing but MY decisions.

Granted, each person I know has an impact in my life and my decisions, as I assume most of the people in your life impact you.

To be completely honest, I hate discussing politics. I think it brings out the absolute worst in people. My roommate gets absolutely demeaning to anyone who doesn’t agree with her on her political standing, and I think that is completely wrong. She has her freedom to vote for who she feels is the right president for her, as I have the same right to vote for the man I think is right for me.

Torn on Who to Vote For

It’s true. I was. I don’t have a problem with Obama as our current president, but I don’t feel like he did anything to really “Change” our country the way he promised he was going to. However, I wasn’t sure I was a huge fan of Romney and his “binder full of women”.

But before I reveal my vote, let me tell you a bit about what I think about the issues…

  1. Equal Rights: I believe that everyone deserves the right to love who they want to love, and have the benefits of a civil union. I do not, however, believe that marriage should be between anyone other than a man and a woman. You may say that is a contradictory belief, but it’s how I feel. My biblical upbringing teaches me that it is wrong for a man to lay with another man, but my own life experiences have taught me that you can’t help who you fall in love with. I am 50/50 on this issue.
  2. Government Assistance: I do not depend on government welfare. I work for what I have, and believe that some things should be personal decisions. If I’m not sick, why should I buy health care? Why should I expect the government to pay for my food when I’m working and can provide for myself? Don’t get me wrong, support from the government would be great, especially if I had it during the last four and a half years as I struggled through college on nickels, dimes and the help of my parents. But we can’t all be on welfare. Some of us have to make do with what we have, and work hard if we want more.
  3. Health Insurance: Did you know that you can be fined by Obamacare for not carrying health insurance? Did you also know that the fine is cheaper than the cost of insurance? Did you know that it’s possible for a person to pay the fine, pay the minimum for the time they’re sick and need coverage, use up thousands of dollars in healthcare and then cancel the minute they’re better? Did you know that raises the cost of healthcare for those who pay into it on a monthly basis? I think that’s bullshit. I don’t think healthcare should be mandatory, I think that you should have a right to decide if you want to purchase it or not. I think medicare and medicaid are fine for children whose parents can’t afford healthcare for them or for the elderly who are on social security and can’t afford it for themselves. I have no problem with government assistance for those who cannot do for themselves. Ideally, universal healthcare would be great, but it isn’t feasible for the United States. And honestly, I think that if you’re able to work, you should be working – if you want/need healthcare, you should have the right and choice to purchase it, without fines and stupid rules.
  4. Marijuana: I haven’t smoked any in years, so I’m not some stoner college kid who wants it legalized so I can smoke without getting in trouble. Instead, I think that if they legalized it and put regulations on it, that it could help our economy in the same way that hemp used to.
  5. Illegal immigration: It’s just wrong. Flat out. I think there should be ways to become legal citizens of the United States. I don’t think that illegal immigrant, and even their children, should have the same benefits that citizens do.
  6. Foreign Policy: Uhm, how about we try fixing America before we start to fix everything else? Matthew 7:5 advises the hypocrite to pull the plank out of their own eye before trying to remove the speck from someone else’s.

I know there are plenty more issues that factor in choosing a president, but I don’t feel like listing them, and I’m sure that you don’t feel like reading my opinions on them.

Drumroll, please.

I voted for Mitt Romney.

It’s not because I think he’s the best candidate, but because I see him as the lesser of two evils. I see his views lining up with my beliefs more than Barack Obama’s do.That doesn’t make me wrong. Voting for the person I vote for is completely up to me, and who you vote for is up to you.

Honestly, this was a hard vote to cast, because I wasn’t thrilled with either candidate the way I would like to be.

People can say that I voted for Romney because I am racist (yes, I’ve heard “if you don’t vote for Obama this year, then you’re just racist” — umm, no, I’m not). They can say that I don’t care about the LGBT community (which I do, I have plenty of gay friends who I love to death, but I have to stick to my roots on that decision). They can say that I don’t appreciate my rights and am willing to lose them (let’s be honest, no matter who is president, someone is going to be sacrificing something – not everyone will be happy or agree).

Honestly, people can say whatever they want. I’m happy with my decision, and if Romney wins, I’ll be even more happy about it. But if Obama wins, then I’ll be okay with that.

People tend to forget this isn’t a popularity contest, or a matter of who is better when cornered on a live television broadcast…it’s about who can do things for the nation in the best way possible.

No matter what the outcome of the election tonight, we’re all going to need to say a prayer for our country.

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