Easy Crockpot Recipe: Chicken, Bacon and Greens.

I hope that my new recipe posts are okay. I considered starting a blog just for recipes, but considering it isn’t something I do consistently (or even very well), that I wouldn’t get enough usage out of a blog devoted solely to my experiments (especially considering there are already so many really good food blogs already out there). But this is a good way for me to share the few I’ve tried (or came up with myself) and to keep track of them for later use.

So, for last night’s easy-as-pie recipe, just pull out your crockpot!!

Easy Crockpot Recipe: Chicken, Bacon and Greens.

1-16 oz. package of bacon (or more, if you prefer – I think next time I will cook mine about half way before sticking it in so it gets crispier)
1 bag of chicken breasts or tenderloins (I used a 3lb bag, but it really depends on your crockpot size)
LEAFY GREENS!! – spinach, kale…whatever you prefer! (I used kale AND spinach, but my family wasn’t very big on the kale taste, so next time I’d use less of that and more spinach)
1/2 c. parmesan cheese (I actually didn’t measure this, so feel free to use as much as you want)



Step 1: Plug in the crockpot (this should go without saying, but I’m one of those people who often forgets to plug things in or turn them on, then come back an hour later wondering why they haven’t heated up…)

Step 2: Cover the bottom of the crockpot with bacon. I only used one-16oz package, putting half of the package on the bottom (but don’t put the other half away just yet!).

Step 3: LAYER!! Place your chicken on top of the bacon, then add your leafy greens and parmesan cheese. Finally – top with the leftover bacon.

Step 4: Turn crockpot on low and let cook for 8-10 hours (you could probably cook on high for less time, but I haven’t tried that yet). After cooking for a few hours, you can stir the ingredients – the chicken and bacon should be tender enough that they tear apart easily.
You can eat this plain, but we ate it two different ways at my house. Some of us put it on top of brown rice and others ate it with egg noodles (I made two different crockpot meals so we had two different starches).

NOTE: My bacon was thawed and my chicken tenderloins were frozen, but it shouldn’t make a huge difference if your chicken in thawed (except maybe less cooking time).


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