Mother’s Day Weekend.

What a nice, good weekend.

I spent Friday after doing what I now can’t quite remember (darn you early onset forgetfulness!), then I met my mama at the gym after she got off of work for our workouts. After that, I headed home to make some dinner – GF pizza for her, leftover grilled chicken with asparagus and a sweet potato for me. As soon as I had gotten out of the shower, a friend text me and invited me to join her and some friends to see Ironman 3. However, I’m not a huge movie fan (not to mention I haven’t seen Ironman and Ironman 2), so I planted myself on the couch and watched/helped the girls play games (my mom and sister were playing Apple-to-Apples and Headbanz with my nieces and two of their friends). I was quite content.

On Saturday, I woke up early for breakfast and devotions before I was off to the gym for some cardio and core. Kali, the new trainer, kicked my butt in her core class. But I completely enjoyed it! After a quick lunch and shower, I set off with mom and sis to get some grocery and dress shopping knocked out. Chesterfield Bottoms, Whole Foods and West County Mall on a Saturday afternoon – not our best plan! But we accomplished everything we set out to do, and when I got home, I threw together dinner (while helping put away all the groceries, I might add) before heading over to Kory’s for a relaxing night in with friends. I absolutely love nights like that. Nights where you play cards, take goofy pictures and stay up just talking, laughing and joking – it’s such a good time. By the time I got home and took a shower (I knew if I waited, I wouldn’t get one before church — oh the perks of living with a ton of people!), I didn’t get to bed until nearly 2:30am!



Luckily, I was wide awake at 6:30am on Sunday morning to start my busy day in the kitchen. First up, GF banana nut pancakes, eggs and bacon for a small Mother’s Day brunch! Then a cake in the oven for sister’s 21st birthday (a very drunk Barbie cake) and a GF apple cinnamon streusel coffee cake for mom (and me!). I got the girls and myself ready for church, decorated the cake and managed to prep a bunch for dinner before we headed to church. It was such a great sermon. Pastor spoke on how we don’t see ourselves as clearly (or near as beautiful) as everyone else sees us. What a much needed message! While out shopping Saturday, this young girl who was passing me stopped to say, “you’re really pretty, just so you know” – it completely made my day! It’s amazing what a simple compliment can do! I suggest you look for an opportunity to compliment someone today, as I promise you, it will make their day a bit brighter.

Mama Bear

Mama Bear

Mother’s Day with the family went off without a hitch! Well, unless you count the strawberry sauce that fell and broke, leaving glass all over the floor. Or the grill that kept going out because of the wind (I love/hate propane). Or the million other little things… but I didn’t let them get to me. I grilled, set up dinner, washed all the dishes, cleaned up after – all so my mama could enjoy her day (which she did, btw). By the time everyone left and I sat in the recliner, I was exhausted. I passed out in the chair at 8pm!

Next up…

Now, it’s a glorious Monday morning and I’m feeling so very blessed. I’m off to work on internship things before heading to an interview, a chiropractor appointment and the gym.

I may not be where I was expecting to be by this point in my postgrad life, but I know that I’m right where I need to be, right where God wants me. I’m working on being content where I’m at and living in the moment, rather than being so wrapped up worrying about the future. Let me tell ya, it isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it.

Best friend, I’ve missed you so.

You know that feeling you get when you finally get to see someone that you haven’t seen in ages? That feeling of happiness, mixed with excitement, mixed with about ten other different feelings?

Try a two and a half year time span since you’ve last seen this person. Then, consider the fact that you never really “ended” the friendship, you just kind of fell away from each other. Add in a wedding you purposefully missed, deleting them from Facebook, a few new friends and life lessons, and then toss in a baby, then you might have an idea of what I experienced today.

Walking up to that hospital room, I was shaking uncontrollably and my heart was racing so fast I could feel it outside of my chest. I didn’t know what I was getting ready to walk into. When Tim opened the door, he had the most confused look on his face. When he told Lindsay who it was, I instantly heard the surprise in her voice. I’m sure in a million years she wouldn’t have imagined me showing up in her hospital room at 6pm on a Friday night, especially when I hadn’t even spoken to her in over two years, minus the two birthday texts I sent, because I could never not tell her happy birthday.

She welcomed me with the biggest smile and open arms. As cheesy as it sounds, it was comfortable. It was exactly where I was meant to be in that moment. It went a hundred times better than I could have expected. I figured she had to have hated me after the way I just dropped her so long ago, after I had ignored an invitation to her wedding, after I had never tried. But at the time we had stopped talking, she got caught up with her now husband, and did what she always did when she got a boyfriend, she ignored me. And I did what I do all-too-often, I got hurt and I turned that hurt into bitterness.

But I’ve grown up over the years, or so I would like to think that I have. She’s been on my heart for weeks now, since before mom told me that she had seen Linds at church a month ago. But I wouldn’t text or call, or add her on Facebook, or stop by. I fought that tug in my heart, but I didn’t know why. I kept fighting, because that’s what I do. With her. With Paul. With Jodi. With Hannah. With Aaron. With everyone who has ever hurt me. I shut them out and I harden myself to any feelings I have towards them, in order to not get hurt again. Honestly, it’s pointless. Not having the people who mean the most to you in your life hurts no matter how much you try to shut it out. And so I’ve decided to mend the friendships I can and move on from the ones that I can’t.

I’ve realized that I have a handful of truly amazing friends. Ones that I know will be there for me, 110%, whenever and wherever I need. I have Lindsay again, who will always and forever be my very best friend. I have Samantha, who I can always instantly fall back into step with, no matter how many miles are between us. I have Liana, who has been there since we were five years old, even though we spent years not being super close, she’s still always been there. Then there’s Greg, and without his wit and inappropriateness, I just don’t know what I would do. And finally, there is Sara, who I knew in high school, but have only had the pleasure of truly becoming friends with in the last few years.

I have a lot of good friends, too. Ones that I go out with, ones I work with, ones that I get to see often. But that handful of people right there, those are the ones who I can truly count on, and whom I would like to think can count on me.

Sometimes, I forget to stop and count my blessings. Sometimes, I forget to thank God for the amazing people he has placed in my life. Sometimes, I just forget how incredibly lucky I am.

No more though. Not anymore.