I wish you would stop.

I hate that the plans and decisions you made before you left aren’t ones that you’re sticking with now that you’re 7,200+ miles away.

Distance makes things better and worse. You’ve known that since you started this journey. Remember it.

Missing you.


“won’t be able to touch you or hold you, but you won’t be alone tonight. ’cause I’ll carry your heart, I’ll carry it in mine” ❤

I should be sleeping.

I should be.

However, IM-ing my best friend on Skype seems like a much better use of my time since he leaves for his FOB tomorrow and I’m unsure of the next time I’ll get to hear from him. Wi-Fi at his prestigious Camp Leatherneck base SUCKS, but I’ll take the awful connection every chance I get, just to see how he’s doing.

Missing him tons, Semper Fi.

What is left unsaid in the motto is also notable. The phrase is “Always faithful.” It isn’t “Sometimes Faithful.” Nor is it “Usually Faithful,” but always. It is not negotiable. It is not relative, but absolute. Who is always faithful, though. and to what, exactly are they faithful? Interestingly, the simplicity of the phrase and the calculated neglect to specify its parameters seems to strengthen it. Marines pride themselves on their straightforward mission and steadfast dedication to accomplish it. Things do not need to be spelled out for them; they know what it means and what to do about it.

Space Art.


I just watched this incredible piece depicting the Twin Towers on the NYC skyline be created using spray paint and metal. It made me remember why I stand behind my best friend and miss him every single day.