The last days of summer…

I’ve been lazy the last few days. Well, not entirely lazy, just…kinda lazy. I was with mom at the mall on Monday and then took a long walk with Casie…then, I came home and laid on the couch…ALL. NIGHT. Then yesterday, I interned and then came home and laid on the couch for two hours, then did a 4 mile jog/hike on the Katy Trial and took a Pilates class. After that, I ran home to shower before going to Main Street with the girls for an hour. Then, I laid on the couch for an hour before picking Liana up from the airport. And today, I went to my internship, and I’ve been on the couch for the last two hours…but I’m going to Zumba tonight. Anddd then probably coming right back to the couch. It’s slightly ridiculous. Maybe it’s okay though, since I’m going to be super busy once classes start next week. Right? I hope so.

I have been eating terribly. Well, not terribly…but not well. The only veggie I’ve had in days are carrots. I’ve had fruit, peanut butter on toast and pita chips with hummus. But those have been the main food groups I’ve been living off of this week. I need to go grocery shopping. And actually make the food I buy. I think it’ll be better next week when I go straight from working out to class to the internship then home for dinner and homework. I’ll have to make dinner!

I think this semester will be good for me. That, or it’ll be the death of me. We’ll see.